Friday, November 8, 2013

Indoor Gardening for Tiny Spaces

When you live in a teeny tiny space like we do, you have to find creative places to put just about everything. For me, one of the most challenging spaces to deal with has been my indoor garden. 
Here it is, in all its glory:

And as you can see, my succulents have begun to crawl across my counter top.

Faced with nowhere to put my growing plant collection, 
I looked at this rustic chicken feeder (by Homeroad) in a new light.
My first step was to attach the feeder to a wooden board, and tile around it. 

Next, I grouted the tile with grey grout, and added some PVC molding around the edges.

Finally, I mounted three D-ring hooks to the back of the planter, and attached it to the wall with anchors and 2" screws.

The last step was to fill it with some pebbles and potting soil, and then I planted 
some ivy plants in my new living room garden!

P.S. The ivy is from IKEA... they have a great selection of cheap indoor plants!


  1. Beautiful job Kasey! The chicken feeder looks like it was meant to be on that wall.

  2. It does fit perfectly on that wall, nice planter!